Natural Soap and Flowers
Skincare Model


Out of an interest in and love of, the power and great vibes of natural, and convinced that this was the way forward not only for the health and beauty of our bodies but also our environment,

  - Bees Leaves and Trees was officially established -


All Our Products are 100% natural and sustainably sourced and wherever possible have organic ingredients. Small batch and handmade in the Ashdown Forest and Sussex Downs, they are not tested on animals, contain no artificial ingredients, colourings, preservatives or fragrance oils. We happily offer you and your family a range of: Facial, Body, Bath, Hair Care, Hand Cream, Salves and a few select highly nutritious raw foods.

What you choose to cleanse and rub into your face and body has profound effects on your overall health. Your skin is your body's largest organ and the truth is what you put on is in reality, into your body.  

Any substance that is ingested – absorbed into the body – will either maintain, enhance and strengthen life and growth, or weaken and diminish it.


When you choose synthetic, petroleum and chemical-based lotions, soaps, creams and fragrances, your body has to detoxify what are essentially small amounts of toxic substances via your liver & kidneys. These products are therefore actually weakening to the systems of your body. Whilst they might at first glance appear to be and are often advertised as: 'Amazing', ‘Natural’, ‘Botanical’, 'Scientific' solutions, they are if you read the ingredient labels made up of a myriad of ingredients that you will have difficulty in pronouncing yet alone understanding what is in them. In the vast majority of cases, the most expensive ingredient is the packaging.

Many illnesses can be prevented, treated or even cured by dietary and lifestyle changes so it is worthwhile ensuring that what you are absorbing through your skin sets you on a course that gives your body the substances to nourish, protect, strengthen and enhance it.


That’s what we want for you, chose 100% natural every time!

With Love

Mary-Anne Hunter - Founder &  Dame Margaret de Jong - Partner 



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