Body & Hand Care

We believe in holistic skincare, using products as an integral part of your overall wellbeing and health. Our products contain antioxidants, plant oils and potent plant extracts. Every formula is carefully designed to work gently on the skin to balance, repair and strengthen and have a multi-functional approach:
Potent plant extracts: many plant extracts are now the subject of extensive research, while historically used to heal the skin, we’re always looking for the most up-to-date research on the benefits of these ingredients.

Antioxidants: fighting free radicals is an essential part of skincare, as well as our daily lives. they help to repair damage and work to protect the skin.

Plant extracts and oils: power plant extracts and oils are packed with goodness, a host of vitamins, essential nutrients and nourishing abilities.

Adaptogens: plant extracts that have adaptogen properties help us to have balance. stressors from the environment and our lifestyle cause inflammatory issues, we include these to help bring harmony the skin.