Desert Bloom - Organic Herbal Vinegar Rinse - Dry Hair

Desert Bloom - Organic Herbal Vinegar Rinse - Dry Hair


Herb Infused Vinegar rinses are great for an itchy scalp, dandruff and dull hair and they help to restore the natural acid of the scalp. If the smell of vinegar is not appealing to you don't worry: the essential oils help lessen the odour and the scent won't linger after it's been rinsed. 
Desert Bloom is an excellent rinse for for dry hair.


Calendula Flower, Marsh Mallow root, nettle and Lavender essential oil. 

Most hair conditioners on the market are used as de-tanglers and help tame our wild locks. Unfortunately most conditioners, including those found in health food stores, contain glycerine, though a wonderful natural substance it coats the hair shaft and while making it feel smooth and shiny, draws dust and dirt from the air onto the hair. 

After shampooing sprasy 5 to 8 pumps onto wet hair  and massage into the scalp then rinse with warm water and if you can stand it finish with a cold rinse - this will give your hair extra shine. Don't condition afterwards but you may add a drop or two of Jojoba oil into your hands and ends of your hair. Then style as normal.